The Hatch is a venue on Evansville's south side in of the basement of Resurgence Church & run by the staff of Evansville Unified Underground in the former location of "The Rev". We are 100% a non-profit venue and all monies help to better The Hatch Venue as well as pay and take care of the touring bands that come though!

We want to provide a safe, affordable and fun place for youth to enjoy music and other activities. If you have any questions or suggestions to how we can do this better, please send it to


You can learn more about us at:

For your protection, at all shows there will be no "re-entry" for those under 16. If you are 16 or older, please bring your ID so that you receive the proper wristband. If you don't have some form of ID, you will get a under 16 wristband. Thanks! 


*Local and touring bands: please do not contact us about booking on facebook. We will not respond. Please email your info and link to your bands music to the above email address. Thanks!* 

Local Bands

First off, we love you. We are excited that you are either playing, played or want to play our venue. 

There are a tons of bands in this area that love to play shows and we want to give you all the opportunity to play the shows you want to play. 


We make no money from doing this. We are a 100% non-profit venue. Any money that we may make from a show goes to paying later guarantees for bands where not enough people show up, buying new mics, sound equipment, water and food for bands, etc. NONE of it goes in our pockets. We want to make this an awesome, long lasting place for all of us in the scene. This is also the reason that we don't pay local bands.


With that being said, there are a few things that we ask in return:

If you are playing a show at The Hatch, please promote the show you are on. Share the facebook events,  invite your friends to the event, post the flyer on your bands facebook, tell your friends, etc. You promoting the show will only make this place and that show better for you and the touring bands. If you want physical flyers, just let us know! We will make them for you! 


Promote the show as much as you can. Show up on time. Bring all of your equipment. Stay within your set time. Respect the building and the staff. This is all we ask!


If you don't do these things, please don't ask to be on another show. We are going to say no. Especially if you have dropped shows in the past. There are plenty of other local bands that would love to play and promote the show. I'm sorry if this is harsh but we have way to many bands who don't do these things and that isn't fair to us, other local bands, or the touring bands. Please help make our scene the best it can be! 



- The Hatch